Things to Do When Your iPad Doesn’t Turn On

One of the most irritating things is when your iPad doesn't turn on. Luckily, there are different tricks to get your iPad back to normal. Here are some things to do.
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Don’t go to an iPad repair place just yet. Did you use your iPad all day, and did it suddenly turn off? You may have forgotten to look at how much battery power your iPad had before it turned off.

Get a wall adapter and charge it up. When it turns back on, it’s a good idea to charge it up all the way to not run into this problem again. If you’re not expecting any calls or text messages, you might want to put it on airplane mode to get up 100% much quicker.


Sometimes you can’t reboot by pressing the home and sleep button. Your iPad may freeze in a mode, or a notification comes up that it needs restoration through iTunes.

Connect your iPad to your PC and run it through iTunes. While you connect the iPad to the computer, press on the home button until a popup says connect to iTunes screen. Look at the restore or update options available and follow the instructions.

Sometimes it may be a more pertinent issue that requires you to do a full factory reset. If you haven’t backed up your phone recently, you may lose all of your text messages, pictures, videos, and other things. Make sure that it’s the last resort before you take this step.

Backup your phone at least every couple of weeks.


If everything else fails, take your iPad to a shop to get it fixed. The problem may be out of your reach. For example, you might have water damage that’s causing it to malfunction every day.

You have to find a mobile device repair place that runs full diagnostics to rule out every problem that may have happened to your tablet. Also, they have better equipment to fix any internal issues with your iPad to keep you from buying a new one.

When your iPad doesn’t turn on, you can do a few things on your own to bring it back to life before you seek help from a professional.

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