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Other Device Repairs

Other Device Repairs

We don’t limit ourselves to just computers and phones, we fix all here, at Fixoid. If you have a broken device, don’t toss it. Fix it! Happy device – happy life.

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Flash Drives- These are great tools to store information. Some people know them as USB sticks, thumb Drives, or memory sticks. These great gadgets help us store information that is very important to us. Here at Fixoid we recognize the value and try our best to ensure the recovery of your thumb drive.Game Consoles- The consoles are a great way for the family to have fun together and spend time together. But when they break it’s a big loss. Our team will be happy to help and get the device running smoothly again.GPS- These amazing tools give the consumers, a great way to navigate our world, as well as they, help us know where we are and where we are going. If this gadget goes out, it becomes very inconvenient. Let us take over and help you find the way. We will fix it and get you back on track!

Service available for

  • Flash Drives
  • Game Consoles
  • GPS
  • Cables
  • Much More

Cables- Sometimes these wires can’t hold it together, and begin to tear. Cables are, absolutely everywhere. Within our time working and fixing units we have come across many cables related problems. You don’t realize how much these little cords matter until they are no longer working. No matter the cause we can fix it.

Much More- We try our best to help in anything and everything we can. There are all sorts of electronics out there, and we aim to provide a solution to all. If you have a broken device, we can fix it.