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iPad Repairs

iPad Repairs

Broken screen, bad charging port, WIFI Problems, you name it we can fix it. Our team of technicians can solve the issues you are having. Instead of shipping it away let us get you out of the fix you’re and perform the proper repair with a quick turnaround!

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iPad 1st Gen- Even to this day, the iPad 1st gen is still used. Our techs have worked long with the iPads, and we know the best ways to repair your device. We will make sure your iPad is treated right.

iPad 2nd Gen- When the iPad 2 was released, it quickly took its place at the top of the market. Just like the 1st, but even better. This apple product is well worth repairing, even to this day. Have us take care of your problems and we will finish quickly and efficiently.

iPad 3rd Gen- When the iPad 3 was released, people asked what was the difference to its predecessor? Although the appearance of the iPad may look identical, the components have gone through some serious upgrades. This change in hardware poses no problems to our experienced technicians. We will get your device working as if it was brand new.

iPad 4th Gen- Apple’s latest original iPad was yet another great work. Our techs have all the expertise to handle any repairs that you need doing to your device. Let us take over and get everything going efficiently.

Service available for

  • iPad 1st Gen
  • iPad 2nd Gen
  • iPad 3rd Gen
  • iPad 4th Gen
  • iPad Air 1st Gen
  • iPad Air 2nd Gen
  • iPad mini 1st Gen
  • iPad mini 2nd Gen
  • iPad mini 3rd Gen
  • iPad mini 4th Gen

iPad Air 1st Gen- The success of the iPad 4 allowed Apple to create and innovate the device even further. That’s when they came out with the iPad air. Here at Fixoid, our teams are always working to ensure that we meet any of our customer’s needs. Don’t settle for less, let us make it great again.

iPad Air 2nd Gen- The iPad Air 2 is an amazing device. With every new generation that gets released, we improve our services. If you are having problems with your iPad, bring it to us and We will fix it better.

iPad Mini 1st Gen- When the iPad mini-series was released. The device was made to focus on portability. Thousands of fixes, just one focus: our customers.

iPad Mini 2nd Gen- Whether you have a broken screen, Home button issue, camera, or wifi problems, our experienced techs can provide a solution better than anyone else. Whatever the problem, if you can break it, we can fix it!

iPad Mini 3rd Gen- The iPad Mini 3rd gen was released the same time as the air 2. Like a mini air 2, the tablet showed the customers yet another stunning result. The speed of anything, whether it’s a device or a service, plays a huge part. Not only does our team work quickly but also professionally. If your gadget busts, FIXOID’s a must.

iPad Mini 4th Gen- Apple released the 4th Gen, as consumers started to feel like a new mini was due. As the new device was released, our techs were already undergoing training for the repairs. Don’t delay, Get it fixed in a flash.