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Our vast experience in Samsung smartphones, ensures that you are getting the best repair by the most qualified Samsung phone repair specialists in Portland, Oregon. 

Cracked Screen

Does your Samsung have a cracked screen, a flickering display, or no image at all? We have the tools and parts to get it working like new again!


Cracked Camera Lens? Camera not working? Not to worry, we'll make it new again

Broken Button

Can't go far with a broken home button, power or volume button. We can help

Charging Port

Are you trying to wiggle your charging cable in and out of the port, but it wont power up? We can replace it or thoroughly clean the debris and dirt trapped inside

Bad Battery

Batteries only last 3-5 years. If you notice your Samsung phone is no longer holding a charge, draining quickly, or even bulging out, it's time for a battery replacement

Not Turning On

Sometimes this is due to a software glitch, or it may be a hardware issue. If your Samsung is no longer turning on, we can run diagnostics and get to the root of the problem

Water Damage

Samsung phones may be water resistant but they're not waterproof! If your phone suffered any water damage, don't delay getting it repaired!


Cracked camera lens, need a speaker replacement or got an issue not listed here? We offer all types of repair options, feel free give us a call about your Samsung phone

If Your Samsung's a Bust, Fixoid's a Must.

If Your Samsung's a Bust, Fixoid's a Must.

At Fixoid Samsung phone repair we know how important it is for you to get your phone working as soon as possible. Our trained technicians have worked on thousands of these devices so you can be assured your phone is in the best hands possible. We only use the highest quality parts, offer affordable rates, and our goal is to get your phone looking and functioning like new again.

If your Samsung has a cracked screen, charging issues, failing battery, or not turning on, stop by our Portland shop and we will assist you right away. Walk -ins are always welcome, or feel free to call us and schedule an appointment. 

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