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Battery Replacement

Battery Replacement

Battery going out? We can have a technician install a top quality battery for you quickly and efficiently. We stock most batteries, so we can have your device fixed in a flash!

Smartphone- Does your Phone constantly die? Then you need a battery replacement. Our job is to provide you with any repair or service your device needs.  Let us take care of your needs here at Fixoid.

Samsung Devices- Our services don’t only focus on the phones, but also the tablets. If you’re experiencing power-related problems, you may need a battery replacement. Stop by and get yourself a new long lasting battery for your device.

LG Devices- We replace the batteries for the LGs! Get your excellent gadgets working right. If you got a device with an issue, we have a solution. Let’s get the device back to its peak and save you any further discomfort.

Service available for

  •  Smartphones
  • Samsung Devices
  • LG Devices
  • Other Phones
  • MP3 Player

Other Phones- Our services only get better. We service many other phones and replacing the batteries on your phones is worthwhile to repair. Bring in your device into one of our locations and we will get your phone functioning once again.

MP3 Players- When the battery power goes out, it causes your device to no longer function. Don’t keep walking with a dead device, let us bring life back to it here at Fixoid.