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Charging Port Repair

Charging Port Repair

A very common issue, broken charging ports cause poor connection and in some cases sever power to your device. Our experienced technicians work meticulously to repair or replace a bad charging port using a variety of tools to ensure excellent workmanship.

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Smart Phones Do you have another smartphone that has charging problems?  Our team knows how to repair many different phones. Get your device in here and get it fixed five minutes ago.

Tablets- Whether you have the old 30 pin dock or the lightning dock, our techs can replace the charging port for you. We use many different techniques to replace the broken part professionally. Repairs, done right.

Samsung- Let us make your Samsung device great once more. From tablets to phones, we can replace the charging ports for an affordable price.

Laptops- Is your laptop not charging? You might have a bad charging port. Our team of highly skill technicians can repair or replace your charging port. Let us get your computer set up professionally.

Service available for:

  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Samsung
  • Laptops
  • Netbooks
  • Notebooks
  • Cell Phones

Netbooks- Netbook computers were recognized recently in 2008 for their practicality. Since their release, we have found the best ways to repair your devices. If your charging port is no longer working correctly, get it fix at Fixoid.

Notebooks- Notebooks were made to take the place of laptops. Within the 15 years of business, we have seen many types of laptops. We know how to fix many problems, and the charging port is no exception. Here, at Fixoid, our teams is ready for any problems you are experiencing.

Cell Phones- Although cell phones are not used all that often anymore, our highly skilled technicians are still able to fix your charging ports. Don’t delay, get your cell phone fixed at Fixoid!