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Screen Replacement

Screen Replacement

Nothing ruins a perfect day like the sounds of your phone hitting the pavement! At Fixoid, we’ve got you covered. We stock most screens, so we can have your device fixed in a flash!

Smartphones- We have seen all sorts of  screen damages that look impossible. For us, impossible is possible no matter the break. Whether they are lightly or heavily damaged, we can fix it better!

Samsung devices- Samsungs are worth repairing, especially if you are having screen issues. Don’t throw out the device. We will make everything right.

LG Devices- When it comes down to LCDs, LG is one of the best you can get. As for gadget repairs, Fixoid is the best. Let’s make your life good once again, and get your device fixed.

Tablets- Tablets have given the consumers, many great features. As a way for us to give you something, our techs work hard to provide you with the best service. Once we get started, we will fix your device quickly and professionally.

Service available for

  • All Smartphones
  • Samsung devices
  • LG Devices
  • Tablets
  • Laptops
  • And more

Laptops- Laptops are an amazing invention. Many consumers use this device. Windows-based or Macintosh laptops, we fix it. Bring in your device and get your device fixed right away.

And More- There are many devices with screen issues out there. We fix many different gadgets. Bring in any device with a broken screen and get it fixed right away. No matter how it happened, we will be glad to take care of it.