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Speaker Replacement

Speaker Replacement

No sound? No problem! Our expert technicians will return the wonders of music back to your device. We stock most speakers so we can have it fixed in a flash!

Phones- We fix the speakers for iPhones! If you’re experiencing problems with sound, our team can help you. Get your iPhone back to the way you know and love.

Most Samsung devices- We repair most Samsung devices! Get your device back up to its former glory. Don’t let the sound destroy your gadget. Get your device fixed with the best, and let us repair it.

Most LG Devices- Get your LG repaired better with Fixoid. We will fix any sound issue. Bring in your LG device and get your gadget serviced with quality and efficiency.

Service available for

  •  Touch Screen Phones
  • Most Samsung devices
  • Most LG Devices
  • Other smartphones and handhelds
  • Tablets

Other smartphones and handhelds- We don’t limit ourselves to a couple of devices, Whether the devices are smartphones or handhelds, we can fix the speakers like new. You don’t have to settle for less, get your device repaired with us!

Tablets- Whether your internal speakers or headphone jack are the problem, Our team of highly skilled techs can get your device repaired and running smoothly. Best choice, best price.