About Us

Fixoid - Your Local Repair and Service Provider in Vancouver , WA

Fixoid has been in business since 2001, and our team has been helping, guiding, and presenting solutions to all types of people and their devices.  Some of you remember the days before smartphones, the internet and so on. We can agree that technology has changed the way we live and function. In many ways it is the core of what we do and without it, it seems impossible to function.

At Fixoid we have dedicated our passion to provide you with a professional solution to your gadget needs in the Vancouver area. Walk ins are welcome for all repairs and our techs can’t wait to get that device looking like new! I must add, we do it fast, because some things just can’t wait! (Ps: most smartphone and tablet repairs are same day!)

Broken iPhone screen? perhaps a virus? or maybe you need an onsite.  Whatever it is that’s keeping you away from your work our team has the solution. Still not sure if we can help? If it’s technical, we bet we can! Fixoid specializes in many areas beyond hardware and software repairs, and your need is no exception. So we would love to hear from you, call us @ (360) 828-0564

By our work in the community, many businesses can continue to operate smoothly and efficiently. Simply put, we do our work so others can do theirs. All by the best gadget and device repair shop.

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