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Most qualified iPad, iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPad Pro repair technicians in Vancouver Washington. 

Cracked Screen

Cracked Glass?
Flickering Screen?
No Image on display?
It can be fixed!


Cracked Camera Lens? Camera not working? Not to worry, we'll make it new again

Charging Port

If your constantly trying to find the sweet spot to get your iPad to charge it's a sign you need a new charging port

Broken Button

Can't go far with a broken home button, power or volume button. We can help

Bad Battery

If your battery % indicator jumps around or dies at 20% then we have what you need. Most of our batteries are in stock for fast replacement!

Not Turning On

Did your iPad suddenly stop turning on, or get stuck in a boot loop? Let us run some tests

Water Damage

Water damage will not easily go away. But, you may have a chance if you bring it in right after immediate discovery of liquid immersion


Got an issue not listed here? Give us a call, or stop by for diagnostics

If Your Gadget a Bust, Fixoid's a Must.

If Your iPads a Bust, Fixoid's a Must.​

We get that you’re busy and need a quick fix for your iPad. That is why we carry most parts in stock, offer affordable prices, have appointments available as well as walk-ins welcomed!

Our experienced technicians are trained in-house and highly skilled at all repairs including screen replacements, charging port fixes, battery issues and much more. In fact we’ve been repairing smartphones before the iPhone was even released! Fixoid has been around since 2001 helping people with their Apple problems. Let us help you today with an iPad repair near me right now!

Find us conveniently located on 117th, and fourth Plain. We’ll be waiting there ready to help make things right again when needed most.

iPad Repair Vancouver, WA

Mon – Fri, 10 am – 7 pm

Sat, 10 am – 5 pm

Sun, Closed

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